Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1- When does the exhibition open?
AgriVirtual Agricultural and Livestock Machinery Virtual Exhibition, organized by Selçuk University and Machinery Exporters’ Association under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade, will be held between 22-26 June 2020 due to the measures taken within the scope of the New Type Corona Virus epidemic and the travel restrictions.
2- Where is the exhibition?
Agrivirtual Agricultural and Livestock Machinery Virtual Exhibition will be held digitally at
3- Is there an entrance fee for the exhibition?
Entry is free.
4- What are the visiting hours of the exhibition?
The exhibition can be visited 24/7 on June 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2020.
5- What are the goals of the Virtual Exhibition?

To arrange for private sector enterprises taking part in the exhibition in each designated sector to participate in the digital exhibition as a participant and exhibit their products.

To provide new business cooperation opportunities for participating companies

To increase the domestic and international trade volumes in parallel with the increase in the commercial potential of private sector institutions.

To ensure the continuity of employment by ensuring the commercial sustainability of private sector organizations operating in our country

To minimize the negative impacts of Covid-19 Pandemia on international trade and economy and help Turkish economy recover rapidly in the post-pandemic period

To increase the export potential of participating private companies

To help increase the export volume of our country

6- What are the Features of the Virtual Exhibition?

a- Accessibility
The digital exhibition portal, which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone, can be easily accessed and visited over the Internet. With the digital exhibition supported by all browsers, target audiences can be easily reached online.

b- Modern Technology
It is possible to get fast and practical results from the exhibitions carried over to the digital world with the online platform that combines the concept of the classic exhibition with today's modern technology and offers technological solutions with continuous improvements.

c- Live Support Request
Live support services are provided online for both visitors and exhibitors, beginning with the digital exhibition application to the exhibition organization stage, from during-the-exhibition stage to the end of the exhibition.

d- High Visitor Capacity
Thanks to the infrastructure of the digital exhibition, the visitor capacity of the exhibition area, which is limited in classical exhibitions, is unlimited in digital exhibitions.

e- Live Chat & Video
The representatives of the participating institutions can simultaneously manage the stand and interact with the visitors at the stands where one can interact with visitors live.

f- Sponsorships and Advertising Areas
Both the exhibitors and other institutions and organizations will be able to advertise or sponsor the designated areas besides the stand services offered.

g- Detailed Statistics
Statistics such as the number of visitors participating in the exhibition, a detailed statistics on visitors shared at the end of the exhibition are reported to the exhibition owner and participating institutions and the results are recorded in the data.

h- Retrospective Fxhibition Information
The visitor information recorded at the online exhibitions allows the visitor loss experienced at the physical exhibitions to be reduced to zero. It is possible to have the contact information of the visitors who have visited your company and who have or have not got in contact with your company.

i- Low Cost & High Access
Without costly expenses such as accommodation and transportation brought by physical exhibitions, you can connect to anywhere in the country or the world and expand the access of the company on the internet.